About this website

The term semi-democracy describes a State combining democratic and authoritarian features. Several parliamentary democracies present the above form. On the one hand, elections and a parliamentary system which is often the result of long politigal struggles against dictatorships, but from the other, the absence of the Rule of Law. Serious shortcomings distort democracy: total control of Mass Media, the manipulation of judiciary by the executive, the unequal application of the Equality- before- the Law principle.

Prompted by the violation of essential rights of Alekos Yiotopoulos, detained for 18 years in the E Wing of Korydallos prison, the semi-democracy site represents a collective effort to bring out serious problems concerning the application of the Equality -before -the Law principle in Greece.

 Responsible for management of the site: Maïté Peynaud, Alekos Giotopoulos’ partner.

H προβληματική εφαρμογή της Αρχής της Ισότητας Όλων απέναντι στον Νόμο με αφορμή τις παραβιάσεις βασικών δικαιωμάτων του Αλέκου Γιωτόπουλου

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